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2024 Dodge Ramcharger: The Classic SUV Return With 702-HP?

2024 Dodge Ramcharger

The Dodge Ramcharger was built between 1974 and 1993 in the United States, Mexico had it until 1996, and again for the third generation of 1999 to 2001, it competed with Ford and Chevy.

There are rumors that Dodge Durango will adopt a full-size format for the next generation, sharing the architecture with Jeep Wagoneer.

2024 Dodge Ramcharger

2024 Dodge Ramcharger
2024 Dodge Ramcharger

That would be something. And this will be the first time Dodge has had a full-sized body-on-frame SUV in its lineup in America since the days of the mighty Ramcharger, which ended production for the US market 30 years ago.

Digital artists, wb_artist20, do the rendering again. Who used to design several Ram 1500-based SUV designs such as the Rebel-influenced two-door RamCharger and TRX-inspired four-door off-roader performance.

Now he has created something even better, a TRX-based two-door RamCharger design.

While the Ram 1500 TRX 2021 is the fastest, fastest, and strongest mass-production truck in the world.

Thus, the supercharged 6.2-liter HELLCAT HEMI V8 that underpins the TRX can also be found in two famous street performance-based SUVs – the 2021 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and the 2021 limited edition Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. Not yet an off-road performance SUV that offers a powerplant.

Modern Ramcharger has come out on the wish list of many Ram fans. With the all-new debut of the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer this month, people are wondering why the Ram isn’t offering a full-size SUV like the Wagoneer twins, which are already based on the Ram 1500 architecture.

While the Ram brand is sticking to commercial pickups and vans, this latest two-door RamCharger design shows us that the macho handsomeness of the TRX would be an excellent base for an SUV if Ram decides to build one.

While the two-door model seemed highly unlikely to be produced at the time of the four-door SUV, many people still prefer the two-door model.

With the idea of building off-roader performance in the form of an SUV, truck-like SUVs have conquered the off-road world.

With a shorter wheelbase, the Ramcharger can be a better rock crawler than the TRX, offering better approach angles and a better-turning radius.

2024 Dodge Ramcharger Design
2024 Dodge Ramcharger Design

This rendering’s starting point is the Ram 1500 Rebel. The first noteworthy modification is adding a two-door body, as the Ram Rebel is currently only available in Crew Cab or Quad Cab configurations, which have four doors.

Existing pickups provide a double-panel sunroof, but it is not as substantial as the one on this Ramcharger.

An additional passenger room where passengers usually find cargo beds displays large windows that cannot be opened and closed up to the roof.

Combined with the glass panels on the top, there will be a lot of natural light in the cabin.

The Ram brand currently lacks SUVs, so we could look at the business case for reviving the Ramcharger. Plus, it will be a natural contender against the new Bronco.

The production version may require an extra set of doors as two-door SUVs are rare these days, in addition to smaller models such as the Wrangler, Defender 90, and Jimny.

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