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2025 Dodge Journey: The Family Hauler, Reimagined

2025 Dodge Journey

Remember the Dodge Journey? That dependable, no-nonsense crossover that became a staple for families seeking spaciousness and value? Well, it might be time to dust off those memories because rumors are swirling that the Journey could be making a comeback – and this time, it might be packing some serious surprises.

2025 Dodge Journey

2025 Dodge Journey
2025 Dodge Journey

Bold Styling, Modern Tech

Forget the boxy, somewhat conservative lines of yesteryear. The 2025 Dodge Journey is envisioned as a sleek, head-turning machine.

Imagine sculpted lines, an aggressive take on the signature Dodge grille, and available blacked-out trims for that extra sporty edge.

Inside, the transformation continues. Expect a spacious cabin built for comfort, but with the tech we’ve come to demand in the 2020s.

A massive touchscreen infotainment center takes center stage, wireless charging pads abound, and a heads-up display keeps critical information in your line of sight.

The third row? It’s likely still there, ensuring the Journey remains the practical family workhorse it was always meant to be.

Electrified Power (Maybe?)

The most significant question mark lies under the hood. Dodge is charging into the electrified future, so a powerful plug-in hybrid option seems probable.

Imagine the daily commute on whisper-quiet electric power, with the reserve of a gasoline engine ready for longer road trips.

A range of fuel-efficient conventional engines will likely be available, catering to different budgets and needs.

The Competition Heats Up

Dodge isn’t entering a market devoid of competition. The 2025 Journey must contend with established rivals like the Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade.

But that’s where Dodge’s muscle-car legacy comes into play. We wouldn’t be surprised to see an optional performance variant, with a beefier engine and sports-tuned suspension, transforming the Journey into the family crossover that’s exciting to drive.

Journey 2.0: A Welcome Return

The disappearance of the Dodge Journey left a hole in the market for those seeking a no-frills, value-packed choice in the crossover segment.

Its potential return in 2025 signals that Dodge recognizes that practicality and affordability don’t have to be boring.

With bold updates in styling, technology, and likely powertrains, the reborn Journey could reclaim a spot at the top of many family’s wish lists.


  • Exterior:
    • Muscular, athletic design departing from the boxy past
    • Bold Dodge grille and LED lighting
    • Aggressive blacked-out trim packages available
    • Potentially more extensive wheel options for a sportier stance
  • Interior:
    • Roomy, comfortable 7-passenger seating
    • Extensive touchscreen infotainment system (potentially 10″+)
    • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
    • Available heads-up display
    • Focus on quality materials and trim levels.
  • Powertrains:
    • Plug-in Hybrid: Likely the focus, with decent electric-only range and a fuel-efficient gas engine for longer trips.
    • Turbocharged 4-cylinder: Base engine offering good fuel economy.
    • Performance Variant: Possible with a larger engine and sport-tuned suspension for enthusiasts
  • Technology & Safety:
    • A suite of advanced driver-assist features (automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control)
    • Available surround-view camera system
    • Blindspot monitoring
    • Potential semi-autonomous driving modes

Release Date

It takes a lot of work to pin down an exact date. A late 2024 reveal with sales beginning in early 2025 is plausible if development is underway.


Dodge will likely aim to keep the Journey competitive and value-focused:

    • Base Model (conventional engine): Starting around $32,000 – $35,000
    • Plug-in Hybrid: Expect a premium, potentially in the $38,000 – $43,000 range
    • Performance Variant: Could top out around $45,000+, depending on features

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