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New 2022 Dodge Rebel TRX Rumors, Specs

New 2022 Dodge Rebel TRX Rumors, Specs

New 2022 Dodge Rebel TRX Rumors, Specs – RAM Rebel TRX has been approved for production, probably in time for the 2021 or 2022 year model. Rebel TRX will be the highest performance version of the 1500 RAM family, almost certainly backed by the 575hp version of the supercharged high-charged L Hemi V-8 found under the hood of Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

The source mentions that the Mules test was built by a Detroit company website that offers vehicle Prototyping & testing capabilities among various engineering services. Farming out prototypes and testing works for outside suppliers like these are actually quite common, especially for low volume, high-performance projects like the Rebel TRX RAM. It’s an exciting Detroit Cottage industry that’s so “inside the baseball ” that hardly anyone talks about it.

New 2022 Dodge Rebel TRX Rumors, Specs

New 2022 Dodge Rebel TRX Rumors, Specs
New 2022 Dodge Rebel TRX Rumors, Specs


New 2022 Dodge Rebel TRX Rumors, Specs

Due to respect for employees and their livelihoods, we will not disclose the company’s name here. Our source, by its own acknowledgment, is not related to either the FCA or any of these outside engineering companies.

According to the source, the 40 RAM Rebel TRX prototype has been constructed, 30 in black and 10 white. They are based on a RAM production of 1500 pickups, pulled from the assembly line and sent to the conversion company. One is said to have been equipped with a Demon machine.

The remaining 39 built with the HELLCAT engine is backed by 10-speed automatics. Inside the cab, the dial shifter remains, but it does not work. The production truck would be suspected of using a traditional slap shifter, currently hidden beneath the sliding cover in the center of the Mules test Console.

Under the hood, the machine is more or less the stock of the Hellcat factory, fed by the so-called our source “Viper-Style ” RAM-air induction system.

While we already know that the chassis was upgraded up, we’re still in the dark about the suspension – we’d like to know what is behind the black plastic inner wheels both include in our Spy photos. To overcome the suspension of Ford Raptor Fox Racing, RAM Rebel TRX will have double shock Bilstein in every corner, according to our source.

2022 Dodge Rebel TRX Concept

In the three-year intervention since the concept debuted, the new RAM 1500 was launched, so it is almost certain that Rebel TRX will be based on new platforms rather than previous-generation concepts of bones. The Bode is good for TRX, considering the current very good RAM interiors, stacked up, and imposing chassis stiffness. However, perhaps the concept of a Hellcat-based machine would be an option, not a standard, in which case we suspect the 5.7 L eTorque Hemi V-8 be the default engine choice for TRX.

If the Rebel TRX wants to really bring the struggle to the Ford F-150 Raptor, then it is better over the suspension of mandate relative to the concept. The Raptor is wider than its F-150 brother by 6.4 inches and offers 13.0 inches ahead and 13.9 inches of the back suspension journey. Thus, we expect the RAM to defeat Ford on the game, giving the 2021 or 2022 TRX at least 13.5 inches ahead and 14 inches rear suspension travel.

Another Tick in the goodness of RAM is the coil-sprung rear suspension standard, which may not be as rugged as the Raptor spring but should offer smooth control and upscaling. We also wondered if Rebel TRX might come with a rocking front electronic Bar like RAM Power wagon and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It will give a leg-up articulation in the Raptor.

The RAM Rebel TRX does not have an official launch date or a specifically confirmed mechanic, but suffice it to say, it should be the first legitimate F-150 Raptor competitor in the market in terms of high-speed off-Road deserts. We have to know more in a few months, as we doubt the RAM will sit too long on this.

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