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2023 Dodge Barracuda: What We Know So Far

2023 Dodge Barracuda: What We Know So Far

2023 Dodge Barracuda: What We Know So Far – The actual design of the 2023 Barracuda is a mystery. Dodge hasn’t even confirmed this car yet, so we can’t talk about an official rendering at this point. However, there have been many floating design efforts over the past decade and they all seem to be pointing in the same direction. That modern Barracuda would resemble a real car.

However, Dodge failed to deliver in 2018 when we should have seen barracuda in all its glory. Given that the soft-top version of the modern Challenger never materialized, you can easily understand why ‘Cuda rumors tend to come back every now and then to get our hopes up.

2023 Dodge Barracuda

2023 Dodge Barracuda
2023 Dodge Barracuda


Dodge Barracuda Model

Dodge may choose the third-generation model, built-in 1970 and 1971 as inspiration, as it is the best-known version. So expect it to have a macho, muscular car look, like the Challenger, but with a slightly more aerodynamic line. But it won’t be related to challenger-wise design.

Dodge is reportedly spurring a new style, which may spark a new design language that will inspire the next generation of Chargers.

Fiat Chrysler invested a lot of money in the Giorgio platform of Giulia and Stelvio, vehicle architecture with Ferrari know, and a lot of potentials. After driving the Giulia as a turbo-diesel and Giulia Quadrifoglio, I can tell you that the dynamics of driving are indeed world-class.

The late Sergio Marchionne let it slip that the WL Grand Cherokee was the perfect candidate for Giorgio, along with the sub-Levante crossover of the Maserati. But platform sharing is expected to surpass those two brands, and this brings us to the muscle of the next generation of Dodge and the long-rumored barracuda revival.

Dodge Barracuda Concept

Barracuda will also be a smaller boy than Challenger. The latter is slightly larger than its competitors, the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, so Dodge is aiming for similar-sized vehicles. This could be a little wider, which would translate into a more aggressive attitude.

Expect the wheel axis distance to be shorter in barracuda. The Challenger comes in at 116 inches, so the barracuda wheel axis distance will be somewhere between 105 and 110 inches.

A strong seller in 2019, beating the Chevrolet Camaro, challenger definitely needs to reinvent itself to survive in the 2020s and increase demand for SUVs. With this reinvention, there is no denying Barracuda will be welcomed as well.

Just like its classic predecessor and modern Challenger, barracuda will be offered with a variety of graphics packages that pay homage to the past.

Expect full-length lines on the bonnet and roof, top lines on the rear fender, and black roofs. Also look for different hood vents on different trims and aggressive bumpers and diffusers, as well as wings on sportier and more expensive versions.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Interior

2023 Dodge Barracuda Interior
2023 Dodge Barracuda Interior

Barracuda’s interior is a bigger mystery. But we can certainly expect the usual standard coupe layout with two comfortable seats in front and a three-person bench at the back. However, the rear compartment will actually provide comfortable seating for just two people, as is the case in most sports coups today.

Tech-wise, look for a great infotainment view on the dashboard. The screen can be at least 10 inches, but this feature can be optional in cheaper models. As is the case with other FCA vehicles, the base version could have a smaller display of about seven to eight inches.

Passenger space and baggage may be comparable to the competition. Since the Barracuda is smaller than the Challenger, it may offer less of everything than a muscle car out, but smarter packaging and new technology can keep it on par with the old coupes.

Dodge Barracuda Engine

In place of the Dodge Challenger, barracuda will offer at least some engine options. Word says that the challenger’s 3.6-liter V-6 engine will live as an entry-level unit. Pentastar packs 305 horsepower and 268 pounds of torque in the Challenger and it could have the same output in barracuda. Since the latter will be a smaller, lighter boy, there is no point in Dodge pushing horsepower much higher.

The Mustang S650 has been confirmed as the 2023 model, so here’s what we hope will find answers to the questions in the title of this story by the end of the 2022 calendar year.

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