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2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad Review, Pricing

2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad Review, Pricing

2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad – Dodge will probably reduce the trim available on the Trip from three to just two for 2022: SE value and Crossroads. Absence of all-wheel drive and optional V-6 engine paired to a six-speed automatic transmission.

The only powertrain available now is the old-fashioned 172-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder paired with an automatic drive and four-speed front wheels. Buyers can look forward to adding standard back garden assistance for all models and a standard sunroof for Crossroad trim levels.

2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad

2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad
2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad

Dodge also simplifies the option selection process by introducing a popular equipment group that combines many features, depending on trim level.

Regarding SE Value, this package gives you a power-adjustable six-way driver’s seat, Uconnect with Voice and Bluetooth Commands, SiriusXM satellite radio, three-zone climate control, security alarms, and leather-wrapped shift knobs and steering wheel.

2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad Specs

Popular Equipment Group Crossroad added a universal garage door opener, long-range start, heated front seats and steering wheel, navigation, and a six-speaker sound system with a subwoofer. We don’t know yet if the Dodge Journey will end after the 2022 model year.

In the absence of V-6 and all-wheel drive for 2022, the SE Value-inspired version of the rental fleet is our journey range choice. With minimal options to choose from and minimal added value from popular Equipment Groups at this level, we’ll skip it all and stick with boneless Journeys.

This small seven-seat SUV was once available in many trim levels and offered an optional V6 engine powerful and all-wheel drive available. Dodge has stripped Journey down and simplified it into just two trim levels and one engine and transmission available. It can also only be found in front-wheel drive.

Briefly before, journeys had largely been forgotten by Dodge and left with low-budget interiors, under-powered engines, and subpar driving dynamics.

Even its initially low price is not enough to make much of a case for Travel as most of its main competitors can have similar money.

In its class, the Kia Sorento leads with more space, plenty of excellent features, and a warranty, with the stylish Volkswagen Tiguan in second place thanks to its safety features and user-friendly technology interface. The newly rehabilitated Mitsubishi Outlander is a further third but still a much better choice than the Journey.

Dodge Journey Crossroad Engine

The Journey SE and Crossroad trim come with a powerless four-cylinder engine that’s best avoided—unless you can’t because the V-6 is no longer offered.

The 172 hp engine is extremely underpowered, and the reluctant four-speed automatic transmission for downshifting further blunts its real-world performance.

There aren’t many entertaining three-line crossovers to drive, so their travel and handling are judged on curves. Even so, contemplative travel handling and unresponsive transmissions keep it away from getting good ratings from us.

It wallows in corners with lots of body rolls and incorrect steering. The benefit of this tenderness, however, is a comfortable ride on the freeway.

2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad Interior

2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad Interior
2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad Interior

Interior Journey has simple, user-friendly controls. Making anyone fit in the third row—even children—requires those in the second row to jeopardize their legroom.

Cheap pieces like plasticky shifters and hollow interior door-trim panels are terrible at the most expensive versions.

Some luxury features include power-adjustable passenger seats, cooled seats, and a well-known heated rear seat in the absence of a list of options.

Practicality is one of the few areas where the Journey shines: the interior is easy to configure and has plenty of cubby storage for opportunities and ends, even if its total cargo capacity isn’t as big as some competitors.

You can fold the 50/50-split third row and the 60/40-split second row to expand the available cargo space, although Journey offers the least amount of total vehicle cargo space in this class.

In addition to the expected compartments in and around the console, a generous-sized trash can under the front passenger seat cushion and two large underfloor compartments in the second row.

2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad Features

each model has an easy-to-use touchscreen. The system has fewer features than many other Dodge products. with a bigger responsive screen, and we hope Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities are offered here.

There’s also just one USB port in front—not great for spawning device-happy possibilities for inhabiting the back seat.

2022 Journey Crossroad Safety

Journey’s poor safety reveals that it’s not the best option when it s protecting your precious onboard cargo. The collision test results were poor and—worse—did not offer the advanced driver assistance technology expected in other family carriers.

The only safety feature available in the rear parking sensor. We hope for the Crossroad 2022 model. Dodge can make it even better.

 2022 Dodge Journey Crossroad Price Starting From $29,917.

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