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2022 Dodge Durango Concept, Rumors, Redesign

2022 Dodge Durango Concept, Rumors, Redesign

2022 Dodge Durango Concept, Rumors, Redesign – The next Dodge Durango might see a mid-size utility vehicle back into traditional body-on-frame construction, avoiding the unibody structure adopted with the birth of the current third-generation Durango in 2010. The first two generations of Dodge Durango are a true SUV, featuring a body-on-frame construction powered by a full-frame Dodge Dakota.

According to Mopar Insiders, the new fourth-generation Dodge Durango will be built along with future Wagoneer Jeep in the FCA’s Warren Truck plant assembly. It is unclear when the new-on-frame body of Durango would debut, although, in a presentation given on the occasion of FCA’s merger with the French PSA group, the automobile revealed that a similar mechanical Jeep Wagoneer would enter production in the quarter First 2021.

2022 Dodge Durango Concept, Rumors, Redesign

2022 Dodge Durango Concept, Rumors, Redesign
2022 Dodge Durango Concept, Rumors, Redesign


2022 Dodge Durango Release Date

The Dodge Durango appears set to receive The next redesign for either the 2021 or 2022 release date. As part of a broader strategy for the Ramp-up production of the 3-Row SUV, FCA has announced a major investment geared towards the Mack Avenue complex machine and North Jefferson plant Assembly (both in Detroit, Michigan).

Unfortunately, the details of what next-generation Durango will look like have not been announced. Previously, Durango reportedly was scheduled to be discontinued ahead of the rise of Wagoneer & Grand Wagoneer nameplates as the new 3-Row SUV. As it stands, it is likely that the current Durango will be soldier-on through at least 2020.

FCA’s Warren Truck plant Assembly will receive a significant overhaul to support the production of the next generation of Dodge Durango, along with as the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, the All-new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and three-line Grand Cherokee model, Mopar report inside.

But unlike Dodge Durango and the Jeep Wagoneer model, their Grand Cherokees will continue to use the unibody construction, reportedly adopting the Alfa Romeo of Giorgio platform underlying the Giulia and Stelvio crossover sedan. The Platform is designed for the longitudinal longer drivetrain configuration (RWD-based), and very lightweight, with a remarkable ride and handling characteristics.

In fact, prior to the next-generation Dodge Durango debut, in 2020, a lightweight hybrid version could be added to the lineup. Such models are reportedly described in a new FCA contract relating to the Auto United Workers Union and will use a 48-volt burping Alternator-starter system as it is used on the new RAM 1500.

As a matter of course, people should take all this news with a grain of salt; There is still much uncertainty, and the car transforms and cancels the plans all the time. In fact, it was January 2011 when the then-CEO Sergio Marchionne first announced the future return of Jeep Grand Wagoneer Nameplate, and the vehicle has pushed back several times.

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