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2024 Dodge Viper Speedster Is Expected To Compete With Ferrari and McLaren

2024 Dodge Viper Speedster

The Dodge Viper 2024 is a used sports vehicle that is very remarkable because it can overcome almost all kinds of obstacles on the track.

But when invited to walk around outside the track, the Viper may be less satisfying because of the bumpy ride. But this is not disputed by Viper fans who like the Viper’s performance so much when they are on track.

2024 Dodge Viper Speedster

2024 Dodge Viper Speedster
2024 Dodge Viper Speedster

At this time, we hope that Dodge will issue a Dodge Viper Speedster with better performance and can provide a more impressive driving experience.

Our hope of seeing the Dodge Viper Speedster in 2024 is inseparable from the long history of the Viper’s struggles until now, Back with its speedster version.

The Viper called Cobra, originally known as the boneless race car in the production of car wear, was a major contribution of Carroll Shelby to the world of Motorsport.

Based on the idea of chairman Chrysler at the time, it dates back to around the ’80s When chief designers Tom Gale and Bob Lutz avoided The Viper as a result of two curious people about the shape of the modern Cobra.

Eventually, Henry Ford II was persuaded by Lee Lacocca to Return to racing at Le Mans, and Shelby became a consultant at the time.

The lightest and fastest Texas production also helped acquire American production cars. Three generations have passed, and twenty-five years later, the Viper suffered a slump, especially after the Airbags did not manage to meet safety standards.

That didn’t stop Viper from continuing to shine in the Motorsport world. Fellow and Texas artist Oscar Vargas, with his artistic ability in the classic automotive design section, adopted the third-generation Viper and peppered it with his craftsmanship.

Oscar Vargas, who has an Instagram account wb.artist20, through a sloping windshield and a sloping top, has also adopted a rough, race-ready Viper and turned it into a speedster that looks more beautiful and elegant.

The news is now a breath of fresh air and new hope for sports car enthusiasts with the presence of an even more extraordinary 2024 Dodge Viper Speedster.

2024 Dodge Viper Speedster Exterior

On his social media accounts, Oscar Vargas showed shrewdness in this field. In terms of exterior, the Dodge Viper Speedster looks elegant with a charming leather dashboard plus old-fashioned classic racing glasses. Some other simple details are also slightly modified to look more stunning.

2024 Dodge Viper Speedster Exterior
2024 Dodge Viper Speedster Exterior

Dodge Viper Speedster Interior

The interior of the Dodge Viper Speedster is not known to be too obvious, but we believe the interior will be better than the previous generation model.

The standard equipment includes a fabric interior; in some options, there is a leather interior.

The Dodge Viper 2024 has a wide and high door frame. Although the seat feels a little stiff, it has enough legroom for passengers who are six feet tall. Its load compartment measures 14.7 cubic feet, one of the largest in its class.

Dodge Viper Speedster Features

The Viper will certainly not lag behind other sports cars, and this model will offer interesting features that will not differ much from its rivals.

These features include an 8.4-inch touch screen and a Uconnect infotainment system that is easy to operate due to the availability of voice commands, satellite radio, radio tuner, HD radio, USB port, GPS, and others.

On some options, the 12 main speakers can also be upgraded to 18 with the Harman Kardon sound system. The car’s performance can also be seen on the 7-inch screen in the Viper’s regular measuring closer.

2024 Dodge Viper Speedster Performances

Dodge Viper Speedster 2024 will come with more extraordinary performance as a fast vehicle ready to accompany you in the arena.

The car can overcome almost a wide variety of track obstacles. However, the Viper will look weak when invited off the track, the ride will feel bumpy, and the fuel efficiency will be relatively low in its segment.

2024 Dodge Viper Speedster Engine

If the Dodge Viper comes as a speedster, the speed will be more impressive. For this reason, a fast and powerful engine is also needed.

As for the machine to be used, it is not yet clear. However, as far as we know, the only engine available for the Viper is the 8.4L V10 engine which has a power equivalent to 645 horsepower with 600 pound-feet of torque and collaborated with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

With the engine, in just 3.5 seconds, the Viper can go up to 60 miles per hour and spend only 14 miles per gallon on average.


From the timeless Porsche 356 Speedster to the Ferrari Monza SP1, the Speedster has often been the racer’s car with the most beautiful design.

Likewise, the 2024 Dodge Viper Speedster, which with its modifications is very suitable for Track Day, stands for Rain.

The Dodge Viper Speedster will not be easy to compete in the market due to the large number of rivals that offer speedsters.

Ariel Atom and Bac Mono can also be held as Speedsters. Still, Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, Aston Martin V12 Speedster, McLaren Elva, and others must be discussed to be more targeted.

Other competitors that have the potential to compete with the Dodge Viper are the Chevrolet Corvette, Jaguar F-TYPE R, and Porsche 911 Carera.


The Dodge Viper is priced almost the same as its competitors, with a minimum MSRP of around $87,895 and a maximum of $118,795.

But for the 2024 Dodge Viper Speedster, the price is not yet clear. Then, the release date has not yet received an official announcement. We expect this model to be launched in 2023 as the 2024 model year.

We can’t wait for confirmation and official news from relevant parties for clearer information. We believe the 2024 Dodge Viper Speedster will be one of the fast vehicles with an impressive performance next year.

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